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We would love to see you on Texada Island for the Texada Aerospace Camp! The purpose of Camp to immerse youth aged 10 to 15 in the basics of aviation and aerospace sciences using unique training aids specifically designed and built by experienced volunteers - aircraft maintenance engineers, software developers, pilots and scientists, among others.

The curriculum consists mainly of hands-on learning, combined with select engaging presentations.

The 2024 Texada Aerospace Camp will run from the morning of Wednesday July 24 to the afternoon of Saturday July 27th, daytimes only. The Camp fee is $220, and registration is online at

Please note that we currently have a great deal of interest in our camp, with limited space that is waitlisted at this time. But the camp roster is in flux, so please use the Registration Button below and be sure to include your youth's own expression of interest in the section entitled For the Camp Participant. Spots will be offered based partly on this section, and it's possible that we'll have to do a lottery as well.

This process will be finished in a timely fashion in order to allow parents time to arrange alternate camps if need be. Families will receive an email in February with further details.

We gratefully acknowledge that the camp is located on the unceded traditional territories of the K'ómoks, Tla'amin, Wei Wai Kum First Nations and thank them for their stewardship of the land, waters and air through the millennia.

(photo credit @Texada Arts, Culture and Tourism Society (TACT))

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Sample Texada Aerospace Camp lessons

  • Principles of flight

  • Aircraft construction principles

  • Airplane model work OR design/sketch

  • Detailed flight simulator instruction

  • Parachute basics

  • Astrophysics

  • Aerospace anthropology

  • Aircraft radio operation

  • Metal working

  • Electronics and soldering

  • Aerospace careers

  • Aerospace and the environment

  • Fire safety/fire extinguisher use

(photo credits @TexadaAerospaceCamp)

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Latest News

50/50 raffle was a success!

Thanks for your support of the 50/50 raffle for Texada Aerospace Camp for the 2022-2023 year. Revenues for the camp were $405 in ticket sales and $265 in donations rather than purchase of tickets :-).

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The History

The Texada Aerospace Camp is the result of many people volunteering together over the years, and many people and organizations donating money and goods in addition. To read the story of how it came to be, click below. We would especially like to thank the Texada Arts, Culture and Tourism Society for their support and guidance over the years.

(photo credit @TACT, @Urban Mommies and @FestivalSeekers, and

Checking out the simulation
Running the simulation
Engines, etc :-)
Paper circuit pieces
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Our Team and Sponsors

The Texada Aerospace Camp would not be possible without the efforts

of a great many individuals and also with the assistance of the Texada Arts, Culture & Tourism Society (TACT).

Founding Volunteers:

Doby Dobrostanski, Angela Sargent, Gerry Johnson, Mike Parsons, Dale Rinehart, Sandrine Simms, and Bari Lewis, and others to whom we are so grateful!

A very special thank you to Gerry Johnson who continues to collect empty deposit items from the Texada Recycle Depots on behalf of the Camp in the amount of several $1000's over the years!

Donations of Equipment and Funds:

Knud Rasmussen, Angie Beaumont, the Chilliwack Flying Club, Stan Smith, Texada Arts Culture and Tourism Society, Jazz Aviation LP, the Powell River Rotary Club, Save-on Foods, First Credit Union, Sandi and Karl Bergstrand, Valley Building, the Sullivans, the Amaudruz Family, Jennifer Cheek, Pegah Roohi, the Sargents, Gary Bainbridge, Ricky Jones and others very much appreciated.

Other Volunteers Past and Present:

Peter Chick, Becca Hathaway, Angie Beaumont, Sheila McFarland, Charlie Groves, Al MacIsaac, Peter Teuner, Lawrence McLeod, Joe Martin, Charlie Gibbs, Dr. Robert Reimer, Courtenay Air Park (flights in real planes!), Vancouver Island Skydiving, Rob McWilliams, Gillies Bay Fire Department (fire extinguisher training), Sid Boleten, Larry Dawe, Charlotte Dawe, Chris Hansen, Anthony Walcott, Greg Howard, Tayden Howard, Doriana Kiland, Tim Pavlushik, Larry Brisebois, Sophie Schock, Victoria MacKenzie, Theresa Curtiss, Jane Short, Rhonda Liebech, Leigh Phillips, Sara Johnstone, Judy Slootweg, Pete Stiles Sr, Fred McElroy, George Childress, Gerry Childress, and others equally appreciated.

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